The Catalogues

Here you can find all the catalogues. All of them are readable online or downloadable as a PDF for your convenience. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

Eco products

As an expert, we are here to help businesses to find the correct sustainable solutions. Our eco-friendly products are the perfect solution for food to go businesses and restaurants looking to go green. They are ideal to show your customers you care about the planet by using sustainable packaging.

Paper boxes

If you need to take your packaging one step ahead, we are introducing you our full range of paper food2go products. We carry a fantastic big range of shapes, sizes and with the cardboard of your choice. It will give your customers the dining experience they expect. Most of the boxes are fold down and truck in for easy stacking. Custom print available in small quantities.

Food container

High quality and functional food containers. A full range of microwave, sushi, aluminium containers. An economy options for food take-out in today’s society. They are ideal for keeping food fresh and hot/cold.

Paper & plastic cups and lids

Both paper and plastic cups are ideal to consume on the go. Since branding offers more professional appearance to businesses, we are offering the option to print in small quantities. Together with the cups you can combine all necessary accessories like cup carriers, plug and stirrer, compostable straws, bags e.t.c.

Dual ovenable

The packaging concept with CPET trays can be used extremely widely, for both hot and cold products. The trays are temperature resistance from -40 to +2200C, unbreakable, grease resistant, cut resistant gas tight and suitable for use in convection ovens and microwave ovens. From the freezer straight into the oven.

Salad container + sauce container

A wide range of paper and plastic leak-proof salad containers. Available in various shapes (round, rectangular, squares) and sizes with high clarity for an attractive presentation. Perfect for food on the go.

Tamper evident

Discover the new innovate round and rectangular anti-tamper containers with closure system technology. Their purpose is to maximize the appeal of packaged products and promote their sale in all product categories, maintaining freshness for a long time.


The different pack shapes make the range ideal for a wide variety of cold and hot products such as sandwiches, baguettes, tortillas, panni’s and subs.


Bamboo Gun Skewers, Wooden Skewers, BBQ Skewers the world’s most standard skewer sizes!

Our Bamboo skewers are made of 100% natural and sustainable harvested bamboo wood, with no chemicals, toxins, or glazes.

Quality bamboo material, not easy to absorb water and moisture. Finely polished, integrally formed, strong and durable, smooth lines. High quality and high cost-effective.

Catering platers

We believe that whatever the application is a good presentation is a necessity. Our unique range of paper, compostable and plastic catering solutions is the ideal way to enhance your presentation. As used by professional caters are ideal for sandwiches, baked producats, fruit, salads e.t.c.  Platters can be stacked and they are recyclable and reusable.


A convenient choice for delivery purposes, catering events, or outdoor concession.
An eco-friendly alternative since we must all go green. Naturally elegant, our wooden cutlery is sturdy and smooth. We are also offering CPLA and Plastic Cutlery sets An option of cutlery sleeve for advertising/marketing for restaurants. Customization and private label solution according to your request.


Selection of eco and premium napkins that elevate every dining and cocktails experience. Choose from our napkins and be prepared to impress your clients with your attention to detail. Choose the matching style, size and color to fit to your business. Availability of custom printed napkins in order to add a beautiful appearance.

Paper Bags & wraps

Our bags and wraps are made from recycled brown kraft and white paper and can also custom printed to fit your needs. Kraft stand-up pouch bags with windows are also included in this category.

Baking & Pastry boxes

Whether are cakes, sweets, cookies, or any other baked product our boxes make the perfect packing.
The offered bakeries and patisseries boxes are from superior material. Boxes are folded down and truck in for easy stacking. Customers can avail of the offered boxes in various sizes in white/kraft color or standard design. Custom printing also available in small quantities.

Vacuum & bopp bags

Quality BOPP and Vacuum Plastic Food Bags. These bags are developed using superior quality materials which give a good finishing, water proofing support and decent stability properties.

Customize any size, any design.

Cling film & foil

We can assure you that our products retain the freshness of your food. It prevents contamination against light, air moisture.

Sticks & Sachets

Sweeten your hot or cold drinks with sugar. Sugar allows you t6 add some flavor and depth to your beverages and is a fuss-free option.

Salt & Pepper
If your food is turning out bland, use salt or pepper to ensure you’ re-seasoning your food properly.

Carbages bags & Hygiene

Heavy duty trash bags with drawstring closure for all purposes. In this category you can find our popular HD bags where are Recyclable and Reusable. We can customize the type, size and printing according to the clients’ needs.